To provide a one-stop online marketing service for your restaurant.

Carryout Restaurant, Chinese Fine Dining, Buffet, Coffee Shop, Bar, KTV…

We specialize in the dining and service industry,

to provide you with optimal and professional service.

ZBS Solutions is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We analyze and understand the needs of our customers and focus on tailor-made Internet marketing programs for Chinese restaurants in the United States to maintain industry leading standards and optimal value for our customers in the promotion planning.


Our goal with team management is to help merchants to enhance the brand image, promote sales and reduce marketing cost through professional networking technology and practical marketing skills. Our team will place you well ahead of your competitors by providing top-notch technological development, experienced marketing promotion, and innovative design ideas to help your sales reach new peaks in the most competitive time-frame on the market to display concrete and efficient results.

  • Provide professional service specializing in food and beverage industry to focus on marketing and promotion;

  • US based team with locally acquired statistics to provide precision and accuracy to make informed decisions to impact the market;

  • Adhere to client’s goal and vision, to develop an exclusive action plan;

  • Original content and strategy, not a template based solution;

  • Apply newest technology and marketing strategy to convert more new customers;

  • Customized design to develop brand image;

  • Best value on the market, more services lower prices;

  • Fast and efficient turnaround time to yield impactful results;


Restaurant Website


Provide customized and all-around marketing services for different types of restaurants. From website design, content orchestration, domain name registration, mobile adaptation to background order management, we are the one stop shop.

Digital Marketing

A good brand image will help you stay ahead of your competitors in the business competition. We will enhance your brand exposure and competitiveness through social media promotion, search engine ranking optimization, and advertising on all platforms, in accordance with your characteristics and needs.

Data Analysis

Through the understanding and analysis of the data, create your own integrated solution and marketing promotion strategy, so that online solutions can be accurately exposed to the correct target market.

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