Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as of right now, is the primary online marketing tool that can bring your restaurant website to the top of the search result list. As partners with Google and other mainstream search engines, we will use many different resources to constantly optimize your website, combining our many years of experience with our deep understanding of the calculation of the order of search results.

With the help of online marketing, you will have the following advantages:

  • Search engine result order ranking will increase, increasing reputation of your restaurant

  • Savings on advertising expenses

  • Website visit count will increase, increasing customers and revenue

  • Defeat local competition

  • With more customer feedback, you can increase service quality

  • Instant updates on restaurant promotions

Combined with current marketing solutions, it will be even more powerful


Search Engine Optimization

Through our tech staff’s search engine optimization of your website, your website’s search result will constantly be ranked higher in Google’s search list; your website’s online traffic will surge; you can imagine that your customer traffic on your storefront will rapidly increase as well.

Social Media Account Management and Update

We will present your restaurant on Facebook, Yelp, and other restaurant related social media platforms so that everyone can easily find your restaurant information. At the same time, we will also support interactions with your followers.

Strengthen your Brand Image

We will put your restaurant and brand into a comprehensive package. We guarantee that this package will stably increase fan support across social media platforms, constantly attracting new customers to your restaurant.

Google My Business List

As partners with Google and other search engines, we will publish your business on Google My Business List so that customers will be able to find your restaurant information and business hours in the search engine or even Google Maps!

Thoroughly Preparing your Promotions Report

We will schedule emailed promotion reports to be delivered to you. You can also login to the back-end for further inquiry. Our tech staff will process those tedious numbers and put them into graphical form so that you can easily read and interpret the information.

Heavy Emphasis on Keyword Optimization

Keywords are the most common and important search tool that customers employ. We will increase the relevance of your choice of keywords to increase the frequency at which customers are able to navigate to your website through the search engine. Compared to other companies, we have a better understanding of how to increase restaurant business search result ranking.

Before I collaborated with ZBS, I had no idea how important online marketing was. Now, my business has noticeably improved with their help. Their careful and considerate service attitude has earned my trust.



Co-founder @ Lumicollect

Ever since I applied for a website, the ZBS team has painstakingly paid attention to detail every step of the way, creating a special website for my business. Online marketing and maintenance is all taken care of, leaving me with nothing to worry about. I only need to take care of business at my store-front, providing the best service I can to customers they bring to my front step.


Owner @ New China Buffet

After ZBS helped me with online promotions, I found that my restaurant's website traffic suddenly surged with great intensity. My restaurant's been getting more and more exposure on Google. Additionally, I've been getting more and more followers on Facebook! Now, business has been steadily improving. In general, I am super satisfied with ZBS marketing services!


Manager @ Panda China


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